Announcements in English

I will write announcements for English-speaking people in this entry. Then, please bookmark and check this entry.

I released the first 12 pages of “The demon king and his bride”.  Nov. 25/2015

I tried to fix a moiré problem of “Eroge days” and updated the file on DLsite store and Patreon. Sep. 24/2015

I released the first 21 pages of “Eroge days”. Sep. 12/2015

I made my Patreon page. If you become my patron, you will get the whole of translated “Eroge days” (42 pages in total) next week. By the way, I will release the first 21 pages of “Eroge days” early next week. Sep. 02/2015

I released the first three pages of “Eroge days”. Aug. 07/2015


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